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W/B Ferric Grey

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  • Jaytees BMW Ferric Grey A80 BWA1013 is a light- mid, fine particulate metallic Anthracite grey basecoat found extremely commonly across the entire BMW alloy wheel range. This colour is probably the best-known grey shade in the whole alloy wheel market, being widely used for over 10 years with numerous slight, none official, variants in evidence too.

  • See BWA0018 BMW Chrome, BWA0023 BMW Anthracite chrome, BWA2036 BMW M Series Anthracite.

  • BMW has one official second variant of BMW Ferric grey 2 B55 (See BWA1078 BMW Ferric Grey 2 B55) that was considerably less common but found on odd models from around 2014.
  • A fast-drying, medium-temperature application, water-borne base coat that is suitable for powder coating as well as SMART repair. Can be flatted using abrasives and will not chip or flake when lathe cut. A range of compatible clear coats in both powder and wet material are also available. RFU (no thinning or shaking of the material required).
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